Sunday, June 06, 2010

Boston Gets Closer & Closer In AL East

Another day, another win for the Boston Red Sox. Saturday they whupped and whipped the Baltimore Orioles by a lopsided score of 8-2. The 2 runs the Birdies plated didn't come across until the 9th inning, long after Jon Lester left in the 7th trouble. He was gassed but the ever improving Dan Bard snuffed out the Bird's rally try. It was Nelson, not Boston's go-to guy, who served up the 2 runs but Ramon Ramirez ended it all. Sox win! Here's Boston manager Terry Francona on his co-ace...

“Tremendous,’’ Francona said. “Going into his last inning of work, he’s not given up any runs. I thought I went one hitter too far with him. It looked like he kind of hit a wall. He looked like he was gassed. Fortunately for us, Bard came in and got the short fly ball to center and the popup, kept it right where it was.’

When I said "co-ace" a little earlier, I was refering to Clay Buchholz, who is pitching as well or better than anyone else in the league. Today will mark the finale of the series with John Lackey trying to produce the sweep. In the AL East right now, four games (in the lost column) separate four teams. The Sox are playing great baseball. Here's the skipper...

“I just think we’re playing better baseball. That’s what I’m happy about,’’ he said. “Our energy’s been . . . we’re playing with some personality. Saying that, if we’d have done that for the last two or three weeks and the teams ahead of us won every game, we can’t control that. So that’s why I guess I feel that way. If you play like you’re supposed to, I think those things, they have a way of taking care of themselves.’’

Have a sunny and happy Sunday as we await afternoon baseball at Camden Yards. Go Sox. Click on this post's title for more Soxiness. As always, BE WELL. See ya.


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