Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Double Loss For Red Sox..Boston Falls To San Francisco & PEDEY HURT

Sure, it was a 5-4 Boston loss to the SF Giants Friday night on the left coast but far more importantly, Dustin Pedroia, Boston's hottest hitter and most valuable component, fouled a pitch off his instep and had to be removed from the game. If something is broken (results pending), it would be a CRIPPLING loss to the team. Here, from the Boston Globe, is the latest news...

Pedroia was on crutches in the clubhouse with his foot in a protective boot. He'll go for more tests later on this morning, at 10 a.m. local time There is little chance he'll play before Tuesday, if then.
Pedroia said his foot hurt and that there is swelling. "I'll try and get back as soon as possible," he said. What is he going to do tonight? "Ice, elevate and pray," he said."

And here is Red Sox manager Terry Francona...

"They didn't see any break or anything, but we're obviously going to get him examined a lot more tomorrow (Saturday). He's having a tough time putting weight on everything. He's really sore. You can tell, when he comes out of a game. So we'll get him examined more. That's all we can do right now."

OUCH! We hope you're back soon, Pedey. We hurt when you hurt. In the 5-4 loss to the Giants, the Red Sox left men littered on base like a sold out movie theater's floor after a double feature. This was a frustrating one run loss because the Sox had numerous chances to break it wide open. But it was not to be. The score was 4-3 Giants after three, 5-3 after eight and the Red Sox, even though they scored one run in the ninth, couldn't do it. BOY, did they have bases loaded chances galore. Timmy Wakefield started and was able to go seven innings, allowing 11 hits and four runs. But it was Pedey's injury that overshadowed everything for the team and their nation. I cringed when I saw him clump to the ground.

Tonight's game, featuring Buchholz versus Martinez, will be great except for those of us in Connecticut. The FOX television network, using all of their "infinite" wisdom, scheduled Boston at the same time, same channels as the Yankees. The Connecticut-wide Fox network, WTIC and WTIC HD channel 61 chose to carry the Yankee's game and after repeated pleas to the powers that be to be able to broadcast the Boston game on its sister station, were denied its request. Oh well, it'll be a Saturday night circa 1940 to have to listen to a baseball game on the radio. WTIC AM 1080 never lets us down, its 50,000 watts flame thrower signal reaching much of the east coast. No TV...that doesn't happen often. We here in Connecticut will get through it. My concern is Pedey...always will be.

Have a great Saturday and click on this post's title for more on everything. I thank you for stopping in and as always, BE WELL.


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