Monday, June 21, 2010

Ghost Pepper Hot Red Sox Sweep The Dodgers Out Of Town

If you've never heard of a ghost pepper, I'll clue you in. I've been watching a lot of the Travel Channel show MAN VS. FOOD and frankly, I love it. Check it out along with BERT THE CONQUERER and the History Channel's PAWN STARS. I've set series recordings on my DVR for all three. Ok, a ghost pepper is the hottest pepper grown on this planet, roughly 10,000 (!!) times hotter than a jalapeno. Thanks but no thanks for me but the Boston Red Sox are THAT hot. They won their sixth in a row yesterday and swept the LA Dodgers out of town by a score of 2-0. Clay Buchholz earned his tenth victory against four defeats. He was shaky for the first three innings but then settled down nicely. In all he was able to go 6 2/3 innings, giving up zero runs and three hits, whiffing four and free passing three. Dan Bard got four outs and then Jonathon Papelbon pitched a goose egg ninth. It was another great performance by the Red Sox pitching staff. That's one of their stengths as they remain one game behind the first place NY Yankees. Tampa Bay and Boston are virtually tied. I ain't worried about the Rays. That's for sure. Here's Boston manager Terry Francona on his future ( and current) star, Clay Buchholz...

“Coming out of spring training, I don’t know that we knew exactly what Buchholz would be,’’ manager Terry Francona said. “In a lot of those meetings general manager Theo Epstein sat there and banged the drum. He’s right. Young pitching, that’s why you don’t trade it away or give up on it because we don’t always know exactly what they’re going to be. But when they start reaching their potential, it’s awful exciting.’’

I agree completely. It'll be nice to see him every five days mixing his four pitches to perfection. The Red Sox, after an off day today, embark on a road trip. They'll play three in Colorado and another three in San Francisco, of all places. Then following a brief five game home-stand, they're off to Tampa Bay. In fact, they will only play six of the next thirty one games at Friendly Fenway. My goodness! I'll have the pitching matchups for the Rockies series first thing in the morning. Until then, have a grand Monday, click on this post's title to be linked to something and as always, BE WELL. See ya.


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