Friday, June 18, 2010

LAKERS Beat Celtics...Red Sox Sweep D'Backs

It was a mixed night last night for Boston sports fans. Yes, the Boston Red Sox completed their three game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks by a score of 8-5 but there will be no NBA championship banner this year for the green hoop team. They should be proud of what they accomplished this season, that's for sure. Last night, it took a Los Angeles comeback to win the NBA crown for 2010. It's already been said that the Celtics "ran out of gas" and when you think about their injury-depleted lineup, that might be true. THEY GAVE IT THEIR ALL. Congratulations go out to Doc Rivers and all the green team's players, who sorely missed Kendrik Perkins' play in the paint. My goodness, all the offensive rebounds the Lakers scrambled for and corralled were easily the story of the game but the Celtics hung tough until the LA comeback in the fourth quarter. Here's your quarter by quarter breakdown...

Boston**** 23 17 17 22**** 79
LA Lakers* 14 20 19 30**** 83

Boo. In Boston Red Sox news from last night, John Lackey led (he was very shaky) his team to an 8-5 sweep victory over the pushover Arizona Diamondbacks. When the game reached Jonathon Papelbon's ninth inning, I tuned into ABC HD to watch a close and well played NBA game that the Lakers won in the second half. Needless to say, Paps did what he was supposed to do and Boston prevailed.

At 7:10pm EDT today, the Boston Red Sox open up a three game Fenway Park series with Joe Torre's Los Angeles Dodgers. Another Boston/LA series? Oh yeah. There's no way to get around it. The pitching matchups are right below...

6/18/2010** LAD 7:10 PM ET PRIM/NESN*** Doubront (0-0) vs. Monasterios (3-1)
6/19/2010** LAD 4:10 PM ET FOX *** (Wakefield (2-5) vs. Padilla (1-1)
6/20/2010** LAD 8:05 PM ET ESPN*** Buchholz (9-4) vs. Kuroda (6-4)

My congrats go out to the 2010 Boston Celtics. They gave it everything they had for us all season long. Hey Red, I hope you were watching. You would have been so proud. I am.

You can click on the title of this post (please) to read and see more NBA details. Have a great weekend, my friend's. I'll be back soon, sooner than you think. Lock your doors and windows....just in case.


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