Friday, June 25, 2010

Pedey Pedroia's Night Rescues Red Sox

Thursday night's Red Sox/Rockies game was a long, up and down affair, with Boston finally prevailing by a score of 13-11, thanks in part to Pedey Pedroia, the Sox second baseman, who went 5 for 5, clubbed three (!!!) home runs and went five for five. He bailed out Papelbon with his final tater. Matsuzaka started and gave up two first inning runs and four goose eggs. With four bases on balls, five innings were all he could go. He said this...

"I think the first inning was awful, but after that I was able to dig in and battle my way through the rest of the outing,"

He's right...the first inning sucked and after the fifth, the bullpen was not much help. Delcarmen (3 runs), Okajima (3 runs), Ramirez (zero runs), Atchison (1 run), Bard (he was great...our future closer) and the still troubled Papelbon, who surrendered 2 runs and gave up a Boston lead late in the game almost let it all slip away. He said afterwords "it's back to the drawing board." Start drawing, Paps. The hitting hero of the game summed it all up...

“That was a crazy game. Long. It was mentally draining. Oh, I hit a lot of bombs. Don’t kid yourself. Just never three in one game. We have great makeup," Pedroia said. "We have a team full of guys that grind it out. We lose a couple of tough games, we have to find a way to win.... the way we lost the last two nights, a bad-hop groundball the first night and a couple home runs. we needed to win."

You can say that again, Pedey. It's on to San Francisco and let's win there (reminds me of what RFK said in his last few seconds of life on this earth). In one other piece of Boston baseball news, Mike Lowell tweaked his troubled right hip a couple days ago and has been placed on the DL. Here are his feelings. It's almost as if he's saying goodbye to baseball. That would be realistic but it would also be a complete shame. Here you go...

“I don’t really see the days off as being that negative; I wasn’t playing that much,” Lowell said. “I’m not like terribly upset about the move (to the DL). I understand it and I’m OK with it, put it that way. At this point of the season, I don’t think there’s any scenario where I can reach the point where I can put up the numbers that I expected to put up. That being said, what am I going to say: ‘Send me here so I can play two days a week so I can hit three more home runs?’"

I'll leave you on that sad note. I love Mikey, we all do, but two nights ago he could hardly make it to first base. It was sad. For more on the Red Sox, just click on this post's title and as always, BE WELL.


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