Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Red Sox Roll On...10-6 Over LA

The good news. It seems that there are always the good and the bad for the Boston Red Sox. I'll start out with the good. One game. That's all that separates the Sox from first place in the AL East. Quite simply, THEY'RE HOT! They are 37-19 since April 20 — the best record in all of baseball. I like it. Here are the up-to-the-moment standings...

Yankees*** 41 26 .612
Rays *** 41 26 612
Red Sox*** 41 28 .594
Blue Jays*** 37 31 .544
Orioles*** 18 49 .269

Spot starter Felix Doubront had a respectable outing in his five inning stint, giving up six hits, three earned runs, walking two and whiffing two. His parents were in the stands to watch his MLB debut. Hey, a six foot three lefty has a future with this club with a little bit of refinement. We'll see him again in a couple years. Count on it. The game marked the turn of Manny Ramirez, who was greeted by a tandem of cheers and boos, much as he should have been. Here's Big Papi David Ortiz, who had another tater last night...

"Seeing Manny coming out of the other dugout just wasn’t an issue here at Fenway. Things happen and that’s just the way the game goes. Manny is a player who has done so many good things as long as he played here,” said Ortiz. “All he did was put up numbers. To be right there with him, I think just puts you at that caliber of power hitter with Manny, and it’s a good feeling."

A good feeling gone, in the past. Ironically, he stuck out to end the game but the outcome was never (almost) in doubt. Today at 4:10pm EDT, Wakefield will face Padilla on FOX and FOX HD. I plan to watch it. When Boston is this hot, it's so great to go along for the ride. SO LET'S RIDE! Click on this post's title for more Sox stuff, have a tremendous Saturday and weekend and as always and forever, BE WELL. See ya.


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