Sunday, June 20, 2010

Red Sox Win 5th In A Row

Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia hit the walk-off winner as the Boston Red Sox beat the LA Dodgers by a score of 5-4 Saturday late afternoon. Here's Pedey on his first look at LA pitcher Jonathan Broxton...

"You have to have confidence that you’re going to get a hit and we’re going to win. It definitely was a tough at-bat, facing a guy like that. He got on the mound and he looked like he was 9 feet tall. That first pitch, I was like, ‘Jeez. I better wake up.’ "

Well, he DID wake up. Tim Wakefield started and gave up those four runs, three of them earned. The bullpen, in the form of Delcarmen, Okajima and Papelbon held the Dodgers scoreless and Pedey plated Daniel Nava in walk-off fashion to end it all. It was a great Saturday late afternoon moment. A Red Sox moment. They're hot despite continuing injuries. On the injury news front, Daisuke Matsuzaka is feeling great and will be starting on Thursday. The also injured (hamstring) JD Drew hopes to avoid a trip to the DL. Jacoby Ellsbury is nowhere close to returning and Mike Cameron cannot play on consecutive days. Other than that, the team is injury free. Of course, I was being facetious. The Red Sox have been nearly crippled by injury and yet they're playing great baseball. They're deep. I love 'em.

Have a great Sunday. It's night baseball for the Sox and the Dodgers tonight as the whole country gets an extended peek at Fenway Park. John Lackey will try NOT to give up his normal 4-5 runs. Let's hope he can do it! Click on this post's title and as always and forever, BE WELL.


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