Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Papi Power Wins HR Derby...Beltre/Girardi Confusion

Big Papi David Ortiz did something Monday night he's always wanted to do. He won the All Star Home Run Derby. He and Hanley Ramirez were tied at the top going into the third round but that round belonged to Papi. Ramirez clubbed five taters but Big Papi outdid him with a double figure total, only the second player in history to hit double figures in the final round. Yankee bench coach and Papi friend Tony Pena pitched to him. Here's Papi...

“It was unbelievable. Tony Pena, he’s got great mechanics. I saw him before we played the Yankees and saw him throwing batting practice. As soon as I found out he was going to be here I said, ‘Tony can you pitch to me?’ He was like, ‘No problem. I’m going to throw to Nick Swisher, but I’m going to throw for you. We are here for the fans. It’s not a Yankees-Red Sox thing, so let’s do it.’

And Papi's fellow ballplayers all love and respect him. Here's Torii Hunter...

“You have to know what’s in his heart and you have to understand how much pride he has. He’s too young to be done,’’ Hunter said. “You could see he still had bat speed and that he just needed to work out some mechanics at the plate.’’

We love you Big Papi, we really do. Now, on to the confusion between Sox third baseman Adrian Beltre and AL manager, Joe Girardi. To be kind, AL manager Joe Girardi "misspoke."

Quite simply, Girardi made a very public boo boo. Leave it to a pinstriper to do that. Sorry, I don't like the Yankees, I DETEST them. He told the assembled media that Beltre had been replaced by Texas' Michael Young. After Beltre consulted with All Star officials, it was said that it's all up to Adrian Beltre. Great job, Joe, throwing one of your players "under" the bus. Idiot.

I hope you enjoy the All Star Game tonight. I usually watch the first few innings before calling it a night. It's on too darn late! Click on this post's title for more on Papi and Beltre and as always, BE WELL. Thank you for being here. The precious few who still stop in daily, well, they're very special to me. They always will be.


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