Friday, July 16, 2010

Can You Believe This??

This is from the Friday NY Daily News. Bob Sheppard was a legend. And then this?? Read on...

"At Bob Sheppard's last Mass Thursday, his friends and family were reminded what it was like to be in the presence of "a good and decent man" who, as a husband, father, athlete, wartime naval officer, teacher and public address announcer, lived about the most perfect life, for 99 years, as anyone God ever placed on this Earth.
It was just too bad that not a single player whose name Sheppard introduced, ever so properly and eloquently, over 57 years as the Yankees' P.A. announcer, was among those paying their final respects to the "Voice of God." Even if one player - certainly one among the former players employed by the team for this very purpose - would have shown up, it would have provided the touch of class George Steinbrenner always made sure to exhibit in these circumstances."

GEORGE would NEVER have permitted something like this. Shame on those pinstripers who snubbed "the voice of God's" goodbye to this good Earth. We all know that he will be missed.


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