Sunday, July 11, 2010

" Five Run" Lackey And Awful Boston Bullpen Contribute To Another Boston Loss

It's easy too see why the Boston Red Sox came up short in Toronto Saturday afternoon. It's as simple as "A-B-C." Let's see, "A." JOHN LACKEY. He has been mediocre in almost every one of his starts. Five runs per game given up seems to be the norm and THAT JUST WILL NOT DO! Believe it or not, he has a 9-5 record but his team is 9-9 when he starts a game. Why? Let him tell you...

“It’s been a mixture of things,’’ Lackey said. “Command definitely hasn’t been quite as good. Some other things, too. Honestly, this is the first kind of rough start I’ve had in a month in a half. I’m pretty happy with the way I’ve been throwing the ball. I’m ready for a break."

I just want to say that Lackey's third to last last statement in the above quote is pure bullsh*t. "This is the FIRST kind of rough start...??" No it isn't, John. Get real. You're being paid more than eighty million smackers for excellence. I've yet to see it. Sox skipper Terry Francona was more realistic...

“He always battles; he always competes. But it was a tough day for him. You could see him fighting it all day.’’

I think to some degree he's fought all season. Every one of us hope he can turn it around before Boston is out of the race. Faith, I guess, is what it takes.

Now we come to "B," the bullpen. Here is the pitching summary from yesterday's game. Lackey gave up seven (!!) runs but the bullpen, in much more delicate situations, always seem to give up one or two. Take a look...

John Lackey 4.2 *** 8*** 7*** 7*** 6
Scott Atchison 1.0*** 0*** 0*** 0*** 0
Dustin Richardson 0.2*** 1*** 1*** 1*** 0
Ramon Ramirez 1.2*** 2*** 1*** 1*** 0*** 0*** 1

So the score was Lackey seven (in less than five innings (!!) and 'pen two. Bad on both fronts. Theo has his work cut out for him because before the trading deadline on July 31st, he needs to acquire another two 'pen guys. Bard and Papelbon are just not enough!

And lastly, here's "C." INJURIES. I know, I know, they happen but I've never seen this many guys down, some seriously, at the same time. The only thing the team can do is treat the players and wait for those bones to heal. This is a very tough time for the Red Sox and they need our support. They have mine. Always.

Today it will be Matsuzaka (find the darn plate, Daisuke!) versus Litsch. The Sox need this one. Heck they need a lot more than that. The All Star break starts after the last pitch is thrown so those who are healthy and NOT going to the game will get a nice rest. Have a great Sunday, click on this post's title for more on the Red Sox and as always, BE WELL. Thanks for being here.


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