Monday, July 19, 2010

Red Sox Vaporizing In AL East

I've never in all my days called a season for the Boston Red Sox until the end of August. I don't know how to tell you this but I'll try anyways. With all their injuries and a suddenly less than effective pitching staff, starting & bullpen, I think they're going to finish third behind the Rays and the pinstripers. I LOVE THE BOSTON RED SOX but for obvious reasons I have to call the season before this month of July ends. We'll see what they will do by then. One missing piece of the Boston puzzle will return to action Friday pitching at Safeco Field. YES! Josh Beckett. Clay Buchholz will start on Wednesday and, most likely, Tim Wakefield will join the bullpen long-relief corps.

The Red Sox, who lost by a score of 4-2 yesterday to the Rangers, didn't give starter Jon Lester much if any run support. In addition to the pitching problems they're experiencing, they haven't been able to hit their way out of a paper bag. Are they using whiffle ball bats? Boston goes to the left coast to start a ten game set, first with four at Oakland and then three each at Seattle and LAA. Here are the upcoming pitching match-ups for the Oakland series...

Mon. 19 at Oak 10:05 PM ET NESN/CSCA*** Matsuzaka (6-3) vs. Sheets (4-8)
Tue. 20 at Oak 10:05 PM ET NESN/CSCA*** Wakefield (3-8) vs. Braden (4-7)
Wed. 21 at Oak 3:35 PM ET NESN/CSCA*** Buchholz (10-4) vs. Gonzalez (8-6)
Thu. 22 at Sea 10:10 PM ET NESN/FxNW*** Lackey (9-5) vs. Rowland-Smith (1-9)

Let me reiterate. I love this team and I will never give up on them. But the evidence is so overwhelming, the holes so apparent that I have to think about their chances for post season play. Right now? 1 in 5. Have a great Friday, click on this post's title and as always, BE WELL.


At 7/19/2010 10:13 AM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

I disagree. I still think we'll make the playoffs.

31/2 games from the wild card with 70 games left to play - uh, not even close to impossible to overcome.

This team of Red Cross volunteers can't lose too many more starters to the DL (there aren't that many left) & we're getting our regulars back.

Just wait & see - we're going to get our real team back, they're going to tune-up, they won't be worn out by heat of August or the races heating up in September and they will perform as their regular selves, which will be amazing.

One of us will be eating our words in October & I would love to send you some seasoning.

At 7/21/2010 4:35 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

HaHa. You know me...I never give up. There's something different this year, though. I don't know. The addition of Buchholz and Beckett will surely help. We need many crooked numbers on that scoreboard.


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