Friday, August 20, 2010

Beckett Great For Six Innings But...

I bet you knew there'd be a but. The Angels won their first 2010 game against the Boston Red Sox by a score of 7-2. After five frames Beckett had a two hit shutout. That's the best we've seen him in some time. But (yes, another but) it all falled apart in the sixth as the Halos scored four times. That was all she wrote, guys. Here Boston manager Tito Francona on his struggling ex-ace...

“The hope is that he can build off of what he did that was positive and not let the sixth get in the way of the rest of the season. That’s the hope. But I know you have to put it together for a full game. Josh hit spots all night, and then he missed on three or four consecutive hitters.

And so it goes. Boston only ended up with five base hits so they wouldn't have won, anyways. It sure would have been nice to have had a nice seven inning serving of Beckett as we know him. Maybe next time, I guess. The Blue Jays invade Fenway Park for a three game series starting tonight. Here are the game times and starting pitchers...

Fri. 20 Tor*** 7:10 PM ET RSN/NESN*** Lester (13-7) vs. Cecil (9-6)
Sat. 21 Tor*** 7:10 PM ET RSN/NESN*** Matsuzaka (8-4) vs. Romero (10-7)
Sun. 22 Tor*** 1:35 PM ET RSN/NESN*** Buchholz (14-5) vs. Marcum (11-6)

On a sadder note, it was forty three years ago this past Wednesday August 18 that Tony Conigliaro was gunned down by a pitch to the left cheek bone. He was never the same again. The 1967 season continued without him. Boston went on to win the pennant and came within one game of a World Series championship but not with Tony. Tony C. died in 1990 at the tender age of 45. Two days later, Dan Shaughnessy wrote this...

"It seems impossible that Tony Conigliaro is dead. His was a life of infinite promise and the finality of his passing numbs the senses of Red Sox fans. Tony C was youth and hope. Always it seemed there would be another comeback.
Now he is gone and will be frozen in time -- forever tall, dark and handsome, a slugger for the ages . . ."

We miss you Tony, those of us old enough to have watched you play. All of us. Rest in peace. Click on this post's title for more about Tony and as always, BE WELL.


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