Friday, August 13, 2010

Pitching In For Kids

Hello again. I received this email a couple of days ago from Kevin Ward. Tim Wakefield is continuing his charitable work with a little help from his many friends. Please read this. None of the contained links are clickable so just copy and paste them. Here you go...

Hi Peter,

I work with Tim Wakefield and his charity Pitching in for Kids in Boston. We have recently partnered with Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes to honor Tim and his longevity with the team and all the success he has accomplished to create limited edition autographed lithographs and hand painted cels for distribution. This past week we went on field pregame at Fenway to officially release this special artwork to the world and Red Sox Nation! We have been working hard with the Red Sox front office, Red Sox Foundation, and Warner Bros to reach as many people as possible to reveal these limited edition pieces. I encourage you to visit our organization's website (we work with Tim and Jason Varitek), our facebook page, and the "Knuckled Under by Wakefield" site. I have attached the artwork and a few photos of the journey we have been on with Tim and the art. I read and enjoy your Red Sox Forever blog and am wondering if you could post a small write up or pic of the artwork on your blog. Let me know anything you could do for us and Tim and the charity are extremely grateful for anything you can do.
Thank you and I appreciate it Peter!

Kevin Ward
Pitching in for Kids, Inc.
Marketing Assistant

Pitching in for Kids Website:

Knuckled Under by Wakefield Website:

Pitching in for Kids FB Website:!/group.php?gid=54843669154&ref=ts Article on project:

Timmy is just about my favorite Red Sox player (with YOUK) and this is a great cause. I thank Kevin and I thank my readers for taking the time to read this. WE LOVE YOU TIMMY. GO SOX.


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