Thursday, August 05, 2010

Red Sox Lose To Worst Team In Baseball...YOUK'S Season Might Be Over

First of all, the Boston Red Sox lost to baseball's worst team, the Cleveland Indians, by a lopsided score of 9-1. Starter Jon Lester was ineffective, to say the least. Errors abounded. To add insult to injury, Kevin Youkilis is hurt and might be out for the rest of the season with a torn adductor muscle in his right hand. His absence will be as costly as that of Pedey Pedroia and I think any chances of post season play is gone, gonzo, zapped. That doesn't sound like me, giving up in the month of August, but I'm very close to that point. I might have reached it already. Here's GM Theo Epstein on the spate of injuries...

“It’s baseball, and injuries are a part of the game. I feel like we’ve had more than our fair share, but no one’s going to feel sorry for us. We need to find a way to win, regardless. We’re just going to continue to do the best with what we have. I still feel like we put a good team on the field every night, and I feel like we have enough talent to get as hot as we’re going to need to get to do damage in this division.’’

Kevin Youkilis, who will be examined in Cleveland very soon, said this...

“It’s just a freak accident, I guess, I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know the reason behind it. None of the doctors really know the reason behind it. It just happened. I’ve just got to move forward from here. It’s misfortune, but I think for me personally I’ve been very fortunate with my health for a long time. I can’t get too upset because I’ve been very fortunate. I wish I could help the team out as much as I can. It’s one of those things; luckily it’s not a career-ending injury. I’ll still be able to play, just not right now.’’

I'm cutting this post a little short. There's no need to further discuss last night's game. If you saw it, you'd know why. The Boston Red Sox are in trouble and only good health can get them out of it. Is it too late?


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