Friday, September 24, 2010

Anybody Want An Apple? A Big One? Clay Buchholz Honored, Deservedly So

Every one of you knows what the title of this post refers to. The Boston Red Sox, who have six games left with the New York Yankees, start their second to last three game series with the pinstripers tonight at the stadium. Here are the very important pitching (I originally typed "itching") match-ups although the wild card race will not have the Red Sox in it unless they sweep NY six games to none. I think CC Sabathia might have something to say about that. Take a look at these...

Fri. 24 at NYY 7:05 PM ET** NESN/YES** Beckett (5-5) vs. Pettitte (11-2)
Sat. 25 at NYY 4:10 PM ET** FOX** Lester (18-8) vs. Nova (1-0)
Sun. 26 at NYY 8:05 PM ET** ESPN** Matsuzaka (9-6) vs. Hughes (17-8)

So the stage is set for the three game series with the Yankees. After that, the Sox will play four against the White Sox and close with another three against Steinbrenner's villians. I'll have a full wrap of game one first thing in the morning. I hope Boston can make it a little interesting and throw the Yanks out of first place, relegating them to the wild card. The Steinbrenners wouldn't be happy with that, though. The Red Sox as spoilers...hmm. Doesn't happen often these days.

Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz, who with Jon Lester has been our best pitcher, has been honored. Here is the media release for the club...

"Right-handed pitcher Clay Buchholz was today named the 2010 recipient of the BoSox Club Man of the Year Award. Buchholz was chosen not only for his contributions to the success of the Red Sox but also for his cooperation and efforts in community endeavors."

Congratulations, Clay. You've had a tremendous year. Come back even better next year. To all my Constant Readers, have a terrific Friday and please don't forget to click on this post's title for more on those Red Sox. As always, BE WELL.


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