Saturday, September 04, 2010

Manny Fesses Up..Pedey OK..Red Sox To Play Two Today

Good morning on this still very dark Saturday. It's early in the AM, VERY early. Hurricane Earl missed us here completely (no wind, no rain) in north central Connecticut but it did cause the postponement of last night's game with Manny's team, the Chicago White Sox. The two teams will play two today at Fenway Park in Boston. Game one will commence shortly after 1pm EDT and the nightcap's first pitch will be thrown at 7:10pm EDT. Here are the pitching matchups and then I'll type a few words about Manny and Pedey...

Sat. 4** CWS 1:10 PM ET WCIU/NESN** Buchholz (15-5) vs. Danks (12-9)
Sat. 4** CWS 7:10 PM ET CSN/NESN** Lackey (12-8) vs. Floyd (9-11)

The Boston Red Sox need to win both games today. It's September 4th already. Jeez! Chicago's newest player, some guy named Manny Rodriguez (why does that name sound SO familiar? Oh, I remember), will visit Fenway in his second post-Red Sox uniform. He had a few interesting quotes for the reporters clamoring to have their questions answered. Here's just a sample...

“I think everything was my fault. You’ve got to be a real man to realize when you do wrong. Hey, it was my fault, right? I’m already past that stage. I’m happy. I’m in a new team. That's in the past. I'll just leave it there. I would have been more relaxed, more patient. In life, you pass every stage. I passed that stage and you keep growing. You look back and say I did this wrong. But what's done is done. All you can do is go and play the game and finish your career.”

Hey Manny, is this "stage last?" Of course I'm just kidding but if I was lucky enough to be at Fenway this afternoon, I'd be one of the Fenway Faithful standing and booing as loud as hell. You gave up on your team more than once. That's why you're not playing in New England and most likely never will.

Red Sox second baseman and former AL MVP Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia underwent successful surgery on his foot. A screw was inserted though the broken bone which will fuse it together and allow it to heal completely. Pedey will be able to resume his workouts in a few months and be available for the entire 2011 season.

Have a terrific holiday weekend. Today is day one of three. I hope they don't just zip by. For me, there've been WAY too many zips lately! Hurricane Earl weakened considerably before passing well to the east of north central Connecticut yesterday. No wind, no rain but threateningly cloudy sullen grey skies. We got off easy. Boston is ninety nine miles to the northeast from my front door so that's why there was no action last night up there. Pleast click on this post's title to be zapped to SI's Red Sox home page, be safe on those packed roads and as always, BE WELL. See ya soon. Thanks. Happy holiday!!


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