Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rah Rah Ryan Kalish..Sox Beat Rays 12-5

Ryan Kalish's fourth inning grand slam turned a 7-2 Boston Red Sox lead over the Tampa Bays Rays to an 11-2 rout. Big Papi David Ortiz gave Ryan the biggest hug after Ryan bombed it and Papi seems genuinely fond of the rookie. I think, in time, we all will. Here's Red Sox manager Tito Francona's take on exactly that...

“Aw, man, what a good swing. Took a very welcome swing. Good for him. I think he’s really an intelligent kid. I think he’s aggressive by nature. He’s probably getting a lot thrown at him pretty quickly. Regardless of what his batting average ends up the last three weeks of the season, this experience I have no doubt will be great for him. Because there’s going to be a point in his career where he’s a really good player. But he still has some maturing to do as a player. You’re going to get every ounce of what he has every day. The at-bats are huge for him right now.’’

As you know, there are a bevy of rookies playing with the big club because of the never ending series of injuries. It's invaluable experience for every one of them. Jon Lester went the first six innings and gave up four hits and two earned runs. Tito yanked him after 96 pitches because of the lopsided score. Good move by the skipper, that's for sure.

At 7:10pm EDT tonight at Friendly Fenway, Matsuzaka will face the 16-6 Price. Hey, we handled him last time and we can do it again. If you read my post of yesterday (Down Bound Train), you might come up with the mistaken impression that I've given up on the 2010 Boston Red Sox and their chances. I HAVEN'T. I have faith until a post season berth is mathematically impossible. So lets beat those darn Rays again. The Yankees are untouchable and will finish in first place in the AL East. Hey, they've got the future Cy Young Award winner of 2010 going for them every five days. Case closed.

I hope your Labor Day weekend was a great one and you're all safe and sound. Mine was suitably boring interspersed with periods of intermittent glee and happiness, mostly when I was eating. Yes, it was a solo long weekend. Nadia and I, to put it simply, are not getting along and I asked her to stay in Minnesota. She's reluctant to do so because she needs money. I told her point blank (on the phone) to GET A JOB! She's great but we're finished. Such is life...there was too much of an age difference in the first place. It was always fun to be with her and go to the beach or Six Flags, a movie or out to eat. I'm afraid those times are over. I hope she understands. I AM NOT A WALLET.

I've rambled on long enough. Please click on this post's title for all the highlights from last nite and as always, BE WELL. Now let's beat those Rays. Two more times!


At 9/12/2010 1:45 AM, Blogger Collective Thoughts said...

Hello peter, just stopping to say hi. hope all is well. I miss talking to u my friend


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