Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Papi Speaks...World Series Game Three

World Series game three starts tonight early...before 7 pm edt. Good job, Bud Selig. Everybody can sleep late on Sunday. I'm not complaining. It'll still be a tossup if I make it to the end of the game, whether I get sleepy or I'm not that interested. But it's still the World Series. Here are the match-ups...

San Francisco at Texas** 6:57 PM FOX ** Sanchez vs Lewis

Big Papi made some of his future intentions known yesterday and he wants more than one year. Here's Papi...

"I'm not comfortable coming back just for one year because it's going to be the same roller-coaster that I had this year. All the question marks. People still don't realize what you're capable of doing even after eight years. I'm the kind of guy who likes to be left alone, play my game and be the best at my position. I just want to cut out all the crap and go back to the guy I was before, a happy guy who doesn't have to be answering questions that have nothing to with anything but controversy. I just want to be able to play baseball and have fun, like I used to."

He sure turned it on after April. I admit I had my doubts about him being able to turn it around after his awful start but he sure did. That's why he'll be back for MORE than one year. I can almost guarantee it. I feel it with every Red Sox fiber of my being.

OK, I promised Wednesday night to explain just what the heck happened to me. What happened was a four day hospital stay. Sunday morning I woke up and (I won't go into specifics) realized I had bled internally at some point during the previous night. When that happens, I don't take any chances. I called an ambulance early Sunday and spent until Wednesday evening at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. The two major tests they gave me were very uncomfortable and no evidence of bleeding was evident. In one of the tests where I had to be out for ten minutes, guess what they used. Propanolol, Michael Jackson's "milk." I was out in five seconds and spent seven minutes or so in la-la land. When I woke up, I was completely clear headed. The results of that test were great. The nights were what seemed like six weeks long and I wanted to leave SO much. They kept me there until my blood work looked good and I arrived home Wednesday night, tired but happy. There's NO place like home. It's true.

Enjoy the game tonight. I look for the black and orange to take a 3-0 lead but the lawmen are tough at home. You can click on this post's title for more MLB coverage straight from SF. Enjoy your Saturday and as always and now more than ever, BE WELL. Thanks.


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