Friday, October 29, 2010

Gigantic 9-0 Win For San Francisco

The SF Giants put the Texas Rangers in a huge hole with a 9-0 thumping that put the orange and black up two games to none. They became the first team in MLB history to score twenty runs in the first two games of MLB's showcase series. Matt Cain kept his scoreless streak alive, going 7 1/3 innings. Here he is...

"We've put ourselves in a good situation," said Cain, who hasn't allowed an earned run in the postseason. "We've just got to take that confidence and some of the good approaches that we've had into these last two games and take them down to Texas with us."

Texas manager Ron Washington feels quite differently...

"We certainly don't feel like we're defeated. We're heading home. They took care of us in their ballpark; now we're headed to ours."

The World Series resumes in Texas for games three, four and five on Saturday. Arlington Stadium is a place where the lawmen play quite well. SF has a losing road record. Is that enough of an advantage for Texas? I don't think so. I'm thinking orange and black all the way. Their fans are hungry (ravenous) for their first world championship. I think they'll be quite hapy in the next few days. I really do.

As you probably already know, our very own Tim Wakefield was awarded the Roberto Clemente Humanitarian honor last night before the game. This is from SI dot com...

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- "Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield knew all about Roberto Clemente's legacy coming up in the Pittsburgh organization. Wakefield vowed to be an example of Clemente's commitment to giving back.
Wakefield received the 2010 Roberto Clemente Award on Thursday night, given annually to a major league player who gives back through community service and also excels on the field.
Wakefield was presented the award by commissioner Bud Selig and Vera Clemente, Roberto's widow, before Game 2 of the World Series at AT&T Park between the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants.
"He deserved this award a long time ago," Mrs. Clemente said."

How great was that! I've always loved our knuckleballer and much of what he does off the playing field is unseen. He's the best and I hope he comes back next year. Mrs. Clemente's comment brought tears to my eyes. Literally. Great job, Timmy.

Please click on this post's title for more on everything last night. Thanks for stopping by. I'm feeling much better but I'm still not in the "swing of things" quite yet. I'll get there. I know I will. As always, my friends, BE WELL. I love you guys. GO ORANGE!


At 10/29/2010 9:41 AM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

Glad to see you're feeling better. It takes a lot longer than you think to recover when you've had a loss of blood. You promised the details of what happened & where the hell you were. So?

At 10/30/2010 6:12 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

I'll write it up in my Saturday post. Thanks BFW.


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