Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Couldn't Resist...

This is from the NY Post (today) and I couldn't resist running it...

"New York is now well versed with AJ Burnett. No one could think it was a good idea to have him on the mound at that moment: tying run in scoring position, go-ahead run on first, season on the brink. Burnett has spent a career breaking hearts, throwing the pitch he absolutely could not at the wrong time.
And he did here. He talked about the masterly control he had of his fastball, especially spotting it away to righties. But he is A.J. Burnett, so the one time that the ball did not obey, the one time it leaked over the plate, was the moment that would crush an entire team’s spirit. Molina, a noted first-ball, fastball hitter, did not miss that faulty pitch, driving it inside the left-field foul pole. Three-run homer. Rangers lead. Girardi had given a baseball arsonist matches and the Yankees season went up in flames."

Ouch, Joey. You're on fire.


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