Friday, October 22, 2010

Phillies 4 Giants 2

An injured Roy Halladay bested San Francisco ace Tim Lincecum and his team won game five by a score of 4-2. The three runs Philadelphia scored in the third inning were enough to do the deed. But it was Roy Halladay, injured right groin and all, who gutted it out for six innings and propelled his beleaguered team to a crucial victory. The SF Giants are still up three games to two. Here's the main man himself...

"It was just something to deal with (groin injury). You make adjustments and pitch your way through it. We know we can win. It's a matter of going out and doing it. We continue to plug away."

There's an off day today for this NL matchup while the teams travel back to Philadelphia where everybody knows the Phillies' names. Lincecum rarely loses but that's how good the one-legged Doc was.

On the other side of the MLB coin, the Yankees and the Rangers face each other tonight back in Arlington, Texas. Here are all the the details...

NY Yankees at Texas **8:07 PM TBS **Hughes vs Lewis

I like Texas to wrap it up tonight and go to their first ever World Series. That would be huge. If Lewis can't do it tonight, well, the Rangers have Cliff Lee ready to go tomorrow. For the pinstripers to win two straight with one of the games pitched by Cliff Lee would totally surprise me. SHOCK ME, in fact. It ain't going to happen. Hey Texas...get this over tonight and you'll have Lee fresh and ready for the big one. Game one of the 2010 World Series of baseball. How good does it get? Do it!!

Again, I thank you for stopping in. If you'd like all the details and highlights from last night's game, simply click on this post's title for all that SI can offer. As always, BE WELL.


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