Monday, October 11, 2010

Phillies Sweep..Rays Knot..Giants Up

The Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Reds by a score of 2-0, getting a complete game from Cole Hamels. It was a three game sweep. The Tampa Bay Rays have knotted their series with the Texas Rangers after yesterday's 5-2 victory. They rode Evan Longoria's home run and two doubles to force a game five and a possible meeting with the NY Yankees. Here's Longoria...

"We've really battled to get back to even," Longoria said. "And I think we have a lot of confidence going home, and being able to finish the series in our home ballpark."

I was literally surprised when the lawmen went up two zip but things have returned to normal, so to speak. The final game yesterday featured the Braves and the Giants. The Giants went up two games to one with a 3-2 victory. Brooks Conrad of the Braves had three errors, one of which plated the go-ahead run. He was despondent...

"It's a whole lot to swallow, but I'll do my best to get over it. I probably won't for a long time. If ever."

Believe me, it was ugly. So two series are over and two remain. Enjoy them! You can click on this post's title for more playoff coverage and as always, be well. Make the most of your Monday.


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