Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rangers Whup Yankees..Lincecum Bests Halladay & SF Giants Go UP 1-0..Cablevision A Major No-Show For NYC

The Texas Rangers left for the Big Apple with big smiles on their faces after besting the NY Yankees by a score of 7-2 last night. Now, none other than their ultra ace, Cliff Lee, will be pitted against Andy Pettitte on Monday. On the National League side, game one featured a tight 4-3 victory for the Giants. It was ace versus ace as Roy Halladay was pitted against SF ace Tim Lincecum. The Rangers' Cody Ross provided much of the offense with two taters off of Halladay. San Francisco's Aubrey Huff said this after the exciting contest..

"It seems like that happens every year, Or it seems like it's happened every year while I've been home watching the postseason for the last nine years, anyway. Somebody always gets the big hit, and it's not always somebody you expect. And tonight it was him."

There's another Philly/Giants game tonight. Enjoy. Enjoy was something many people could not do in the NYC area last night. Cablevision, in all their "infinite wisdom", BLEW IT. Read this below statement, please...

NEW YORK (AP) -- "Cablevision, the service provider for 3 million customers in the New York area, and Fox parent News Corp. failed to solve a dispute over rates Saturday, leaving baseball fans who wanted to watch the opener of the National League Championship Series with a blank screen instead of a marquee pitching matchup.
Both sides met throughout the afternoon Saturday but adjourned before the start of the playoff game between the Phillies and the San Francisco Giants, said Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella. Negotiators plan to meet again Sunday.

Idiots.Wait, I can put that a little differently. IDIOTS. Sorry, that's the only word that came quickly to mind. And yes, when I think of it, it describes those whores perfectly. Cablevision NY gets into so many disputes it's almost as if they don't give a whit about their paying customers. If any of you were deprived of the game last night, you have my sympathies. What if that was a Red Sox game! Holy you know what!!

That's it for this early Sunday morning. If any of you were deprived of watching the NL game, I'd love to hear about it via a comment. Thanks, click on this post's title for more, have a terrific Sunday and as always, BE WELL.


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