Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yankees Storm Back To Shock Rangers

I bailed out of the ALCS after six full innings last night. The Texas Rangers had a 5-0 lead with only three to go. The Yankee starter, CC Sabathia, was yanked in the fourth inning. But the pinstripers scored one in the seventh and five in the eighth while the Rangers were forever stuck at five. Poof. Yankees win. Here's their manager, Joe Girardi...

"I'm never surprised at what our guys do. Maybe thrilled, but never surprised. There's a talented group in there that plays with a lot of passion."

And here's the scoop from Texas manager Ron Washington...

"It got away from us. But gave it away? No. We just didn't execute."

That's for sure. The eighth frame was bizarre and I'm glad I wasn't awake to see it. I just did on the ESPN dot com site that the title is linked to. Check it out. A four run lead with six outs to go. Damn Yankees. Tonight the two teams go at it once again along with the Phillies and Giants. THAT should be a great one with Halladay versus Lincecum. Here's the schedule and pitching match-ups for both contests from me to you...

NY Yankees at Texas **4:00 PM TBS **Hughes vs Lewis
San Francisco at Philadelphia **7:30 PM FOX** Lincecum vs Halladay

I would like to see the Rangers knot up the series but it might not happen. As for the late game, Halladay all the way in an extremely low-scoring game. Now that's exciting! Have a great Saturday, click on this post's title for all you'd want to know about last night's rumble and as always, BE WELL. Thanks for being here. See ya. Don't forget to click away. Hi ho Silver!


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