Saturday, November 06, 2010

Four Boston Red Sox Players Ready To Test Free Agency Waters..Adrian Gonzalez Rumbles

Well, it's finally the weekend. Today, Saturday, November 5, 2010 brings the realization that four of Boston's best players are ready to become fee agents and go to the teams with the highest bids. They are Jason Varitek, Bill Hall, Adrian Beltre and Victor Martinez. Beltre is the least likely to re-sign with the Boston club and the most desirable of the quartet with VMart running a very close second. Here's the general manager, Theo Epstein...

"We’re continuing to have dialogue with the representatives for our free agents. But realistically, you don’t see too many deals done one or two days away from free agency beginning in earnest, so I’ll kind of answer the question the same way I answered it the day after our season ended, which is, we value these guys. We’d like to find a way to bring some or all of them back if we could, but free agency is something that players work long and hard to get. It’s a right that they earn and often look forward to exploring. If the Red Sox are the best fit in the end, we’d love to bring these guys back, but they certainly have the right to explore all opportunities. I’m sure we’ll be in great touch with all these guys in the next couple of months.”

If I were a member of the Boston powers-that-be, I'd pull out all the stops to snag Adrian and Victor. Who knows? Maybe the Yankees will spend most of their available money on Cliff Lee. My goodness, they've been know to covet starting pitchers. Who wouldn't want one of the best in the game? And if you think his two World Series appearances brought his value down, you couldn't be more wrong. He'll go for top dollar.

I'll have more on something Sox tomorrow. Until then, have a terrific Saturday and a great weekend and as always and forever, BE WELL. Thanks. Oh, click on this post's title for more Sox news, slim as it is.

If Beltre bolts and Adrian Beltre becomes a free agent, Youk COULD move to third while Adrian Gonzalez and his Gold Glove mans first. That would be nice. Here, read the from the Boston Globe's Extra Bases...

"Padres GM Jed Hoyer had a meeting with John Boggs, the agent for first baseman Adrian Gonzalez on Wednesday. Earlier today Hoyer acknowledged that Gonzalez is headed for free agency after the 2011 season — unless he is traded first.
"With a year away from free agency, Adrian's desire is to go out and go after a franchise-player contract," Hoyer told a San Diego radio station. XX 1090 AM. "At this point, I think it's a near certainty that he at least explores free agency."
The idea of a long-term deal in San Diego seems remote. Hoyer said he believes Gonzalez will be on the Opening Day roster, although he would listen to offers."I anticipate him being our first baseman next year,'' Hoyer said. "I certainly hope he finishes the season with us. That means we'd have a good season.''
Two things to keep in mind:
• It will take prime-time, cost-controlled talent to land Gonzalez. In terms of the Red Sox think Casey Kelly, Jose Iglesias, Anthony Rizzo, guys like that.
• Gonzalez is going to want a deal commensurate with what Mark Teixeira (eight years, $180 million) or Ryan Howard (five years, $125 million). It would make little sense to trade for him unless he comes signed."

An expensive option for Boston but an option nonetheless. It would solve many problems. We shall see. Click on this post's title and as always, BE WELL.


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