Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jeter Told By Yanks To Test Market

The New York Yankees have remained firm in their negotiations with Derek Jeter and his agent, Casey Close. The team, most notably Brian Cashman, told Jeter and Close to shop his value around the major leagues. They are said to have offered Jeter a three year deal worth $15 million per year, certainly not the kind of money the player or his agent were looking for. Cashman has said he was clearly stung by the recent statement of Jeter's agent, Casey Close, who was quoted in Sunday's New York Daily News as saying he was "baffled" by the team's negotiating strategy. Not too smart, Casey. Here's Brian Cashman on the current state of negotiations...

"We understand his contributions to the franchise and our offer has taken them into account," Cashman told "We've encouraged him to test the market and see if there's something he would prefer other than this. If he can, fine. That's the way it works. We've made an offer and we hope they strongly consider it. But there are things we have concerns with -- his recent performance over the last few years, and his age. We believe that Derek Jeter is the best person to play shortstop for this franchise moving forward. Do we want to lose Derek Jeter? No. Do we want to treat Derek Jeter fair? Absolutely. Do we want to be treated fair at the same time? No question about it. We're going to do evd. We feel Derek Jeter gives us the best chance to win. But we're not dealing with Derek alone. We're dealing with our closer, we're trying to add to our club, and if putting all our eggs into one basket takes away from our ability to add to our club, I ain't gonna do it. We're going to do everything we possibly can to put the best winning team on the field."

I think the pin stripers will go as hard as they can to add pitcher Cliff Lee to their star-studded rotation. Eventually, unless he is simply blown away by another team's offer, we'll see Jeter back with NY for $50 million for three years of "labor." NY is his home and I don't expect him to go anywhere else. I applaud the Yankee front office for putting their foot down and making their terms familiar to the "aging" veteran. I know I've dedicated more than a few posts to Jeter's "plight" but I find this entire scenario so very interesting. A soap opera with cleats. And don't worry. The Boston Red Sox wouldn't touch Jeter with a fifty foot pole. No way, no how. To be continued...

Today marks the start of the Thanksgiving Day weekend. If you're driving, watch out for the other guy. If you're flying, do what the TSA agents tell you to do. Remember, you have a choice. You can have that rude and invasive pat down procedure or undergo a harmless and painless scan that will zip you right along and reduce the waiting time for your fellow passengers. If I was flying, that's the route I'd take. No doubt about it.

Click on this post's title for sports news from one of the New York City rags, enjoy the holiday and as always, BE WELL. Spend time with your family and loved ones and don't forget to eat. Be happy.


At 11/24/2010 10:57 AM, Blogger Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

"You can have that rude and invasive pat down procedure or undergo a harmless and painless scan that will zip you right along" -
Why can't we have both? :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, Pete.

I'll be enjoying a houseful tomorrow; hope you'll be with family, too.

At 11/24/2010 12:26 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

I wish but have a happy and healthy holiday. Best of everything. I just finished another post. Hard to believe those Yanks.


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