Sunday, November 28, 2010

UCONN Women Win 83rd Straight

The UCONN women's national championship basketball team did it again for the 83rd straight game. They defeated Lehigh by a lopsided score of 81-38. The best player in the world, UCONN's Maya Moore, scored 24 of her 29 points in the first half to give her team a tremendous kick start. Their super coach and coach of the US National team that will compete for their country in the 2012 Olympics spoke after the game of the importance of Maya. He was speaking tounge-in-cheekly, as he is liable to do at any moment. Hey, he's from Philly! Here you go..

"Coaching is really easy, provided you've got the kind of player no one else has. And as long as we've got that, I think we've got a chance to win every single game we play. If I call timeout, it's give Maya the ball as many times as we can and see where it takes us."

He does a lot more than that. Believe me! But Maya Moore brings an added dimension to his very young (5 freshman!) team. They've won every gosh darn game since 2008 and they are just five games away from tying the immortal John Wooden's UCLA teams, a bunch of guys who won 88 times in a row. That was a record thought never to be broken. Maybe it won't, you never know. Muffet McGraw, the coach of the Notre Dame women's team, said she would not have believed the streak if it didn't unfold right in front of her eyes. When (not if) they get to 89 victories, after a celebration of EPIC proportions here in Farmington, I'll tail off on their coverage here because this is a baseball blog. But the UCONN women are a team of my heart, exactly like the Boston Red Sox, and I never miss a game all season long. Every game here is either nationally televised or aired on Connecticut Public Television, in Hi Def, too! UCONN plays the final game of this three game World Vision Championship today against the 4-3 LSU. Win number 84, here we come.

I hope every one of you has a great Sunday. I have no plans as of yet but sometimes on a Sunday that's a good thing. I know I'll be in front of the television watching UCONN hoops at 4:30pm EST. Other than that, nada. Click on this post's title for more sports news and as always and forever, BE WELL. If you're on the roads, be careful out there.


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