Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Victor Martinez Detroit Bound

Yes, our Boston Red Sox catcher is going to the Motor City. Here is the just released blurb from ESPN Boston...

"Free-agent catcher Victor Martinez is bolting the Boston Red Sox to sign with the Detroit Tigers, according to multiple media reports on Tuesday. Two weeks ago, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein expressed his strong interest in re-signing Martinez and third baseman Adrian Beltre. But he acknowledged competition for the players. "It always comes down to dollars and years," Epstein said.
Martinez will receive a four-year deal for $50 million, according to Venezuelan reporter Ignacio Serrano of El Nacional, who first reported the agreement. Martinez made $7.7 million last season. The Red Sox offered Martinez a choice of a three-year, $36 million deal or a four-year contract for $42 million, according to a major league source. The source said the Red Sox had not been informed of Martinez's decision, but the team was not surprised to hear that he would play elsewhere. The Orioles and White Sox were also outbid, according to the El Nacional report."

$8,000,000.00? Wow, that's chump change for Mr. Henry. But, and a BIG but, VMart must have wanted to leave Boston. If the Sox were ready to offer ANYONE a 4 year $42 million deal, they were deadly serious. Adrian Beltre? Who knows. This is too bad but we'll survive.Oh yes, we will. Better than ever.


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