Monday, December 06, 2010

After A Major Sunday Scare, Gonzalez Belongs To The Boston Red Sox

I was lying in bed last night watching the 10 pm news, sports and weather and to say I was shocked would be an understatement. You see, it was said the Adrian Gonzalez deal between San Diego and Boston was off. I couldn't believe it but by the very end of the day, the deal was on again. I was in limbo until I woke up this morning and came downstairs to get the newspaper. "PHEW!" is all could say when I saw the headline that read YO ADRIAN. Here is the official release from Sports Illustrated dot com, who broke the story. Read this...

"Adrian Gonzalez is headed to the Red Sox ... again. After several more hours of negotiations Sunday, the Red Sox completed a deal for the Padres first baseman. The Padres and Red Sox had previously reached an agreement in principle on a trade to send the All-Star to Boston for four players, including three minor league prospects. The Red Sox had received permission to negotiate a contract extension with Gonzalez. But Major League Baseball had set a 2 p.m. ET Sunday deadline to complete the deal, and the trade appeared to be jeopardy when that deadline passed without a formal extension being reached. The Red Sox have scheduled a Monday news conference to announce the trade. No contract extension is expected to be announced at the news conference, but both sides have apparently agreed to the parameters of a new deal, believed to be for eight years and worth a total of about $167 million"

Apparently that 2pm deadline was never set in stone and the Padres and Red Sox got the deal done without even revealing the monetary terms or the length of Adrian's contract. He'll be happy, we'll be happy and Boston will be the team to beat in the AL East.There will be an 11 am EST major media announcement at Fenway Park that will be televised by NESN and the internet. My eyes will be glued to that. Here's old friend Kevin Millar, who will be an analyst for the Major League Baseball cable channel...

“This makes them the favorite. He’s an unbelievable hitter and he’s going to make a big difference. This gives Kevin Youkilis a chance to go back to his natural position at third base. They are stacked right now. I can’t see how they can be beaten.’’

That's the spirit, Kevin. In another piece of baseball news, the Washington Nationals have signed outfielder Jason Werth to a seven year (!) contract worth a mind blowing $126,000,000. 00. Other clubs are said to be livid over that figure. They're worried that, oh, let's say Carl Crawford's buying price was now too high for them to participate in the bidding. I can see their point.

Don't forget to look for that major news conference from the Fens beginning at 11 am. From the agony of last night to the ecstacy of this morning...oh, what a difference! Click on this post's title for more news on the trade and as always, BE WELL. Let's be careful out there. YO ADIAN!


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