Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Big Papi Golf And Auction In The DR... Jeter Talks On?

Big Papi David Ortiz will hold his Celebrity Golf Classic and on his website are all the details of the unbelievable items you can bid on and win. It's all for the benefit of the kids and guess who will be there with a bevy of Boston Red Sox players. Why, none other than Adrian Beltre. You can bet there will be much talk hinting on this...Yo Adrian, come back. Please click on the title of this post to be linked to Papi's auction site. The golf tourney is being held in the Dominican Republic, where my best friend lives six months of every year. He's there right now. My mind is percolating (hey, so is the coffee!). The DR in December is so great. So please click on that title. Do it for me.

In other more comical developments, the talks between Derek Jeter and the Yankees seem to have resumed. It was only a matter of time. The two sides will eventually agree to terms higher than the Yankees offer and much lower than Jeter's, but still a bunch of coin no matter how one looks at at. When asked how he would feel if Jeter is not a 2011 NY Yankees, one top MLB general manager said these "immortal" words...

"That would be one of the biggest shocks I've ever seen in sports."

I would have to agree with his statement, somewhat. Games seven losses for the Red Sox in '67 and '75 were all the shocks I ever wanted. FOREVER! I hope your Wednesday will be a terrific one. Its a rainy day here in north central Connecticut with more rain to come...a ton of it. Hey, it could be 31 degrees and it would all be snow, about twenty inches of it. But the temperatures are in the mid-fifties, even before the sun peeks over the horizon. For December first, that's unusual. Since it is the first day of the month, I want to say this to every one of you. RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT GOOD LUCK.

Click on this post's title for a link to Big Papi's web page and all the details of his celebrity golf tournament and auction in the Dominican Republic. As always, BE WELL. And remember, let's be careful out there.


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