Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Red Sox Interested In Carlos Beltre?

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets have discussed outfielder Carlos Beltran, who is in the final year of a $119 million contract. Why? Don't ask me. Ask the person who's sitting next to me. Wait...there's nobody sitting next to me. It's not even light on this Wednesday early morning. Back to reality. It must have been my in-house ghost. But that's another story for another day. Carlos is a center fielder by trade but if the Red Sox acquire him, he could play a corner outfield position and be a part-time DH. Here's the Mets GM, Sandy Alderson...

“I think we’re realists. If we felt given all of the components of the transaction that it was in our interest, yeah. We’re always open to wild and crazy ideas. Maybe one or two of those have come up. But they usually remain wild and crazy ideas – nothing more.”

Beltre has a downside, a huge one...his arthritic knees, which at this point can only be managed, not fixed. He opted out of microfracture (ouch!) surgery in favor of a less severe procedure. I say LET HIM BE unless the Metsies would be willing to take Daisuke Matsuzaka, who is owed $20 million over the next couple of seasons. It would be just about a wash. To tell you the truth, Boston doesn't need an outfielder with two crippled knees. Theo, save the money for the bullpen. PLEASE!

Click on the title of this post for more and as always, be well. It's a sad day for me and I have another post to write and miles to go before I sleep. And the ghost is gone...for now. Maybe it was John Lennon. If it was I hope he visits often. Thanks. BE WELL. Let's be careful out there.


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