Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The UCONN Women Are In A League Of Their Own...89 Straight Victories!

Tuesday night at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, the University of Connecticut women's basketball team did what no other sports team has EVER done. They pummeled Florida State by a score of 93-62 for their 89th (!!) consecutive victory, eclipsing the hallowed John Wooden's long-standing record of 88 wins in a row. Wooden accomplished that milestone with a talented UCLA team from 1970-1974. His grandson, Greg Wooden, was in attendance at the completely sold out Hartford XL Center. Here's part of what he had to say...

"My grandfather would have been thrilled. He would have been absolutely thrilled to see his streak broken by a women's basketball team."

Women, men, this 89 game streak has been made up of continued and sustained brilliant play, night in and night out, EVERY DAMN TIME for more than 2 1/2 years! Last night was a perfect example. Maya Moore, UCONN forward and consensus "best woman player on the planet" had a mammoth 41 points. She effortlessly glided in shot after shot after shot, most of them not hitting any rim. When she didn't score, she was passing off for an assist. She showed the entire nation just how great she is. Here's Geno Auriemma on his star...

"Nothing that she does surprises me, not since her freshman year. There is something special about that kid. She has ability to rise to the occasion. It would have been very easy tonight for her to be so hyped up she couldn't play, but she's one of the great athletes who understands what her team needs her to do. One of the things John Wooden used to always say about competitive greatness is that's having the ability to be your absolute best when your best is needed -- and that's what Maya Moore is."

During the post-game press conference, Geno received a call he was told he "had to take." Yes, it was President Obama, an avid basketball player and fan. He and Geno have met twice in the past two years when Auriemma brought his team to the White House after their two national championships. Here's Geno being Geno with the President...

"Mr. President, I appreciate your call very much. It's an incredible thing that these kids have done. And I'm sure some credit goes to that lesson you gave them on the White House basketball court. It really paid off and I appreciate you doing that for them."

Obama obviously knew that the Huskies have not lost since he was elected. Geno said this with that famous infectious grin evident on his face. That's Geno. You'll all get to know him better when he steers the 2012 USA women's basketball team towards Olympic gold. They'll do it too. They have a dream team and a dream coach and America will be fascinated by the depth of their talent and the confidence of their coach.

So, wow. 89. Holy you-know-what. What's down the road for this very young team? After all, they lost a bevy of talent before this season started and now start 2 seniors and 2 freshman. Half the team is comprised of freshman. But Coach Auriemma is the difference, along with a young and very talented woman named Maya. She and her team have brought SO much joy to this state and everybody who loves the game as it SHOULD be played. Wooden/Auriemma style.

Click on this post's title for more from the Hartford Courant and enjoy this terrific Hump Day Wednesday. As always, BE WELL. Thank you UCONN. Now I'm headed to the Hi Def to watch the second half of the game that I recorded on the DVR. Yes. Click on that title and I'll be back with the latest at the earliest.


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