Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very White Post-Christmas Day On The Way. YO! It's Winter Storm Adrian Coming

Oh my goodness, we here in southern New England are finally, after two plus years, going to get the "BIG ONE." A huge storm is right now "bombing out" off the coast of North Carolina. What I mean by "bombing out" is that the barometric pressure is dropping fast as the storm deepens to near hurricane-like status. Click on this post's title and use the blue bars at the bottom and right of your screen to pan right to the east coast and down to center on the central, soon to be north, Atlantic coast. The link I left there is a looping one. You'll see the radar in action. Look how the storm already has a center, an eye. It's a scary sight. Here in the greater Hartford area, the snow (no rain inland. Just a pinch away from Long Island Sound it'll be all snow. In short, ME!) will begin by noon and slowly end Monday afternoon. Here's the very latest from NBC 30 WVIT Connecticut...

"A blizzard warning was posted for southern Connecticut and heavy snow warnings for the rest of us Saturday ahead of a major nor'easter expected to arrive Sunday. The storm is forecast to develop off the coast Sunday, bringing heavy snow to the state.
The nor'easter could drop 15 inches of snow or more in parts of Connecticut, and extremely strong winds could create blizzard conditions for several hours Sunday into Monday morning, according to NBC Connecticut Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan.
Originally, it appeared the effects of the nor'easter looked like they would start later Sunday, but new information shows the storm moving in earlier in the day, possibly beginning midday Sunday. That's not welcome news to travelers who may be planning to head home from the holiday weekend Sunday.
Governor M. Jodi Rell held a conference call with state emergency management, State Police and state transportation officials Christmas night to discuss preparations for the massive storm. She ordered the state's Emergency Operations Center to open Sunday to monitor conditions. "This storm's high winds and significant snowfall will pack quite a punch, and we will continue monitoring its path closely," Rell said. All of the state's 632 plow operators will be out on the roads during the storm, according to Rell. State Police and the Connecticut National Guard will be on standby in case of any emergencies, Rell said."

What are my plans for this morning? Well, right now it is 5:18 am EST and I'm going to the Crown Supermarket (they have great stuff!) shortly before 8AM, just to make sure I have enough food through Tuesday. I have a list all ready to go so I should be in & out before the snow starts falling around high noon. I'll also take a lump of lumber out of the garage and stack it next to my front door just in case (No, NO!!) we lose power. Yes, I'd be warm and I'd be able to cook with the gas range but it wouldn't be fun. We here where I live have underground power wires so the winds that will later gust at 50 plus MPH hopefully won't put me in the dark.

I'm excited. After I first became aware of the term "snow day" back when I was in school, snow has given me a thrill. On a normal Sunday, this kind of heavy-duty storm would be much less harmless. But today? Oh my goodness. Everybody who travelled to their families by car now have to come home. So I wish them a safe trip. Please keep your distance from the car in front of you and take it easy. Just getting home during this winter weather event we are about to experience is a victory in itself, so BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! Don't forget to click on this post's title for the live look at an animated weather map of the country. As I said before, use the bottom blue bar to scroll east and the right side blue bar to head south until you see the monster storm just off the coast of north Carolina as it starts its slow trek north. As always, BE WELL and and I'll be back around 12 noon as the first flakes furiously start to fly like eagles on a mission. I'll see you then.


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