Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interesting, Very Interesting...

I came across this article in the Boston Globe dated this past Saturday. You might have seen it but if not...

"The Red Sox considered trading closer Jonathan Papelbon to the Athletics or White Sox, Sports Illustrated reported yesterday.
Oakland instead signed Brian Fuentes and Grant Balfour. The White Sox elected to give Jesse Crain a deal. Papelbon’s arbitration number — $12 million — likely scared some teams off, and he had a rocky year in 2010 with eight blown saves.
Had the Sox traded Papelbon, they would have made a play for Rafael Soriano, according to the SI report. Soriano signed with the Yankees for three years and $35 million to set up Mariano Rivera. Soriano had 45 saves for the Rays last season.
Papelbon will be a free agent after the season and the Sox have an abundance of bullpen arms. If Bobby Jenks and Daniel Bard look good and Dan Wheeler is productive, Papelbon could be shopped at the trading deadline."

I can look at this two ways. WAY NUMBER ONE : Keep Papelbon. He wants a great 2011 season to add to his free agent value. He also must cut down on those blown saves. WAY NUMBER TWO : I do not see that trading a reliever for a reliever when the back end of the Red Sox bullpen is just fine makes sense, thank you. Not now. Can you say trading deadline?

This was a good non-move. Stay warm out there, my friends. See you sooner rather than later.


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