Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Now, About Yesterday's Post..Sorry!

Hello. It's Tuesday, January 4th, 2011. I'm sorry about yesterday's early morning post. I wrote it but I posted it incorrectly. My fault. It was quickly eaten by the "blue nowhere' and is now "somewhere out there." If I go look for it, I might never come back. Gone without a trace of evidence. There is an article that I found on red sox dot com that I found intriguingly interesting. It poses this question. In the 2011 scheme of things, how will Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford fit in and contibute to their new team? I think IMMENSELY. But I'm a Boston fan, wall to wall, through and through, from head to toe. Only time will give us the answer to that one. But I do like our chances to play Philadelphia in the 2011 World Series of Baseball. I look forward to watching the games. The Phillies have one of the most mesmerizing five man starting pitching rotations ever assembled. Hey, Boston's ain't too bad, either. A HUGE if is this...will Andy Pettitte come back to the Yankees for 2011 or will he go his own way. That's his choice but it would make the AL a very competitive place, to say the least. Let's face it, we're in for pure baseball excitement, like it or not.

If you click on this post's very own title, you'll be zapped somewhere, somehow to a nice Boston Red Sox feature. I hope your Tuesday turns out to be a great one and as always, BE WELL. Be careful out there. I'm feeling much better as the hours speed by. My four day hospital stay is receding into the past, where it belongs. SHOO!!

P.S. I like it here at home MUCH better. I'll talk to you tomorrow morning, first thing. That makes me smile. See you bright and early on Wednesday, if not sooner. Be good, y'hear? I reckon you will. I reckon.


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