Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Papelbon and Ellsbury Agree To Arbitrations

Jonathon Papelbon, who is probably in his final year of arbitration, agreed to one final offer from the Boston Red Sox valued at $12 million. The arbitration record is $15.5 million for Prince Fielder. That is followed by $12.5 million for Mark Teixeieira and $12.4 million for Carlos Zambrano. Paps, being on his last year before a multitude of moolah comes his way when he arrives at the magical free agent time should strive to put up magical stats. Not only would he help his team acheive greatness but it also would help his cash intake for next year...and beyond. The Red Sox, don't forget, have Wheeler and Jenx to take his place should he latch on to another team. That's preparation! As for Jacoby Ellsbury, the speedster who is finally completely healthy (as long as he doesn't "bump" into Adrian Beltre), he signed for $2.4 milion. Here is the entire team listed in numerically correct order in terms of dollars allocated. The bottom line is $162.65 million for the entire roster of team players. Read on...

Josh Beckett $15.75 million
John Lackey: $15.25 million
Jonathan Papelbon: $12 million
Daisuke Matsuzaka: $10 million
Bobby Jenks: $6 million
Jon Lester: $5.75 million
Dan Wheeler: $3 million
Tim Wakefield: $2 million
Hideki Okajima: $1.75 million
Scott Atchison: $450,000
Matt Albers: $400,000 (guaranteed, would make $875,000 if he makes the team)

Total:$72.35 million

Position players
Carl Crawford: $20 million (including bonus)
J.D. Drew: $14 million
David Ortiz: $12.5 million
Kevin Youkilis: $12 million
Mike Cameron: $7.25 million
Adrian Gonzalez: $6.3 million
Dustin Pedroia: $5.5 million
Marco Scutaro: $5 million
Jacoby Ellsbury: $2.4 million
Jason Varitek: $2 million
Jarrod Saltalamacchia: $750,000

Total: $87.7 million

0-3 service time players
(salary determined by team)
Clay Buchholz
Daniel Bard
Jed Lowrie
Darnell McDonald

Those four players would combine to make no more than $2.50 million.

Total: $162.65 million.

So there you go. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in strictly money terms, there you have your 2011 Boston Red Sox. Now we wait for that magic week in February when everything gets in gear, seemingly at a supersonic rate. A little more than one month until nirvana descends upon us. Have a great Hump Day Wednesday, click on this post's title for more on the Sox and as always and forever, BE WELL. Buckle up and bundle up. The temperatures are going to zoom down by the end of the day here in north central Connecticut and I'd like to tell you this...I'M GETTING SICK OF THE BONE-SEIZING FRIGIDITY. It must be age but that 10 yard walk to my garage to get my Audi has been getting downright painful with the temperature at 8 degrees F and a wind blowing in my face steadily at fifteen MPH. Brrr. What warms a guy's heart unlike nothing else? That's right. BASEBALL. I'll be back tomorrow morning or sooner if the unexpected becomes the expected.


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