Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Radar To Remember

That's right. It's Thursday very early morning here in north central Connecticut. It's also 4:44am and for the last three and a half hours, IT'S BEEN SNOWING, as forecast. So far, and get this, there are ten or eleven inches of the white stuff on the ground. That means the hourly snow rates are up to three inches per hour, an insane number. I can't wait to see this heavy snow after first sunlight graces us. To see the live and in motion national radar, simply click on this post's title. Pan right using the bottom blue bar so the east coast is on your screen and use the blue bar on the right of your screen to orient it correctly north to south. The radar view I selected is an "in motion" one. Enjoy and I'll be back once the sun shows itself. Thanks.


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