Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WFAN's Breakfast with a Champion Event with Brian Cashman...

This is from NBC Sports dot com...

"WFAN’s Mike Francesca arrived late, turned to Cashman and said ”How are you?” Cashman said “I’d be better if I could get a starter.” He thinks that Derek Jeter will be moved off shortstop during his current contract period, probably to the outfield.
Cashman said that that the New York media coverage can wear a guy out. That sound you hear is Bill Madden re-jiggering his “Cashman wants to be a small market GM” column with some extra “I told you so’s.”
Cashman was asked, once again, about Joba Chamberlain starting. He said that Chamberlain hasn’t been the same pitcher since his injury that occurred in Texas back in 2008. This has been suspected, but I believe it’s the first time that the Yankees have publicly acknowledged that Chamberlain’s injury was a big deal.
Cashman said that the Red Sox are the better team today, but that the Yankees have a better bullpen. He said that the Yankees are one starter away from being a World Series contender.
He called Mariano Rivera “The best Yankee I’ve ever seen.” With apologies to Derek Jeter, I’d probably agree with that assessment. I’m not talking about value in some statistical sense — he’s still a closer — but in terms of the awe he inspires, I don’t think any Yankee of the current era comes close to Mo."

Hey Brian, is there another available starter out there who would make YOU the better team? Clark Kent or SUPERMAN? Just asking. Take your time.


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