Monday, February 21, 2011

4-5-6 Boston Red Sox Hitters

OK, we go into the heart of the Boston Red Sox batting order. The Boston pitchers are sitting in the dugout. The new number four "cleanup" hitter is striding to the plate. His name is Adrian Gonzalez, a well-paid and well worth it player who will experience his first year at Friendly Fenway. Yay for Red Sox fans. From 2004 to 2010, he had a .284 batting average with 168 taters and 520 RBIs. Watch those numbers soar. Why? Adrian is a lefty who loves the opposite field. What's in the opposite field as a lefty in Fenway Park? Seven letters (plus). MONSTER. GREEN WALL. Expect highlight films this coming spring. After AG, Kevin Youkilis. A healthy Kevin. He's the best contact hitter in all of baseball.There are no more words to say. He'll be playing at the hot corner, his favorite place on the diamond. GO YOUK! And number six of a killer trio. THE BIG PAPI, David Ortiz. Need I say more? Gee, I don't think so.

I will be back tomorrow with the bottom (it's nothing like a bottom of ANY team) of the order. Next up, the pitchers, starters and relievers, one by one. Thanks for popping in and have a great Monday.


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