Thursday, February 03, 2011

Boston Red Sox Have Four Picks In Top 40 Of 2011 Draft

The Boston Red Sox, already set for the 2011 season with a balance of offense, defense and darn good starting and relieving pitching, will only get better and they'll get better soon. For the first time since 1982, the Boston Red Sox will have four of the top 40 picks in the 2011 draft, a draft said to be rich with possibilities and talent. Now maybe the Sox can recover some of the organizational depth they had to trade to land Adrian Gonzalez. They will have round one picks numbers 19 and 26 as well as numbers 36 and 40 in the sandwich round (I don't know what that is). Four players with youth and ability far beyond those of mortal men. Able to leap Fenway Park in a single bound. Wait, I went a little overboard there but Theo knows what he's doing and he'll bring the four guys who will be the best fit. Our biggest enemy for the 2011 season is the injury epidemic. Let's all hope that stays away, far away to our south (the Bronx?).

I linked an article from this morning published by the Boston Herald and written by Steve Buckley. I enjoyed it and you can too just by clicking on this post's title. Have a great Thursday and as always, BE WELL. Baseball coming soon!


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