Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boston's 7-8-9 Hitters...

It's a frigid (yes, still) Thursday morning. Would you believe it's 31 degrees below zero? Would you believe it's 11 above? Well, you'd be right with number two. Thank you Mel Brooks who wrote those classic GET SMART lines for Don Adams, the best Smart of all. OK, the number seven Boston Red Sox batter, as you probably know, will be JD Drew. As usual (that's not a diss on JD, it's a diss on the club), Drew has arrived with an injured hamstring. WHAT THE **** IS THE OFF SEASON FOR?? But the Sox are deep in the outfield so Mike Cameron (who supposedly has been working his heart out and is in tremendous shape) or Darnell McDonald, who excelled last year, the year of the epidemic circa 2010, will fill in perfectly. I'm excited to see the Cam Man. So we're all set. Just ONCE I wish JD would have a full check up a few months before spring training begins. It's happened before, I hope it won't happen again.

The eighth batters will either be our starting catcher, who I'll call Salty or his now mentor, the captain, Jason Varitek. 4 games for Salty and two for 'Tek. That's close to the Sox' plans. Batting ninth, our shortstop, Marco Scutaro. Why ninth? He's batted leadoff before and ninth might be where he will thrive. I like this batting order. I love this team. Always have.

I thank you for stopping in once again as every day makes us one day closer to major league baseball. And I love it. I'll see you tomorrow if not earlier and as always, BE WELL.


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