Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Fast Is Fast? Opposing Pitchers, That One's For You...


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the game. The first hitter for the Boston Red Sox is JACOBY ELLSBURY. He slaps an opposite field single. After Pedroia, batting second behind Ells, singles with Jacoby easily coasting to third (man, is he fast!), Carl Crawford slowly strides to the Fenway plate for his first ever Fenway appearance, the heart of the matter. The crowd rises as one to welcome one of their newest players, a speedster who can slap the ball around the Park and run like the Dickens. HE BUNTS. The pitcher grabs the ball and looks at second to try to start a double play. No way. No play. So he throws to first, positive he'd nail Crawford. Unfortunately, he should have looked at first first. Carl was five feet past the bag, steam coming from his cleats and ears. Such are the first three Red Sox batters. And then the power enters the picture. Tomorrow, right here, the Boston Red Sox fourth to sixth power guys. See you then. Have a great Sunday.

This post was dedicated to one of my Constant Readers and my friend, BFW. Thank you for you unending support.


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