Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Idiots Savant

"We're back."

And with those words, Manny Ramirez stepped into the stage lights of the Tampa Bay area, home of the Rays, who signed Manny and Johnny Damon for the 2011 season and maybe beyond. Damon signed for $5.25 million with a chance to earn $750,000 more in bonus money. Not bad. Surprisingly, Sir Manny is only going to fetch $2 million. I thought he'd be playing for more, at least five million per year. But TB is being careful. Here's Johnny on HIS team, the Tampa Bay Rays...

"Absolutely, this team can win the American League East. What I really like about this team is you have two guys that you'd really like to build any franchise around in David Price and Evan Longoria. I think those two guys are the best players out there."

Ya know, he's right. The AL East is rife with competition. Boston, I would say right now, is the favorite but the Rays and the Yankees are not far behind. Toronto is an improved club, too. It should be an exciting Major League baseball season.

We received six inches of snow (that's all) in part one of the winter storm yesterday. All snow. Today, however, is a different story. It is freezing drizzle out there right now because the upper atmosphere has warmed up enough to support rain. It falls to the ground, where the temperature right now in my back yard is 19.4 degrees. Boom, glaze ice. We're lucky that the precipitation is light or chaos would ensue.

That's a wrap for now, my Constant Readers. If you'd like, click on this post's title for more on the Sox and as always, BE CAREFUL and BE WELL. I'm stuck in the house but I have things to watch of all kinds on my DVR as we slowly merge into television's February sweeps, which used to be more of a big deal. Oh, there's plenty of food here, too. Now if only the electricity stays put. To the drip-drip-drip of my kitchen leak, see you later.


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