Saturday, February 12, 2011

"The Other" Three Red Sox Pitchers

Here's the Jeopardy answer. What's the question?? You tell me. OK, here you go. Answer...Josh Beckett, John Lackey and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Question...Who are the three Boston starting pitchers who underperformed in 2010? Theo Epstein noticed yesterday in Florida that the three went off and had a catch together. After watching them for a while, here's what he said. He started off by saying they all look good, and then...

“I think it indicates they’re highly motivated and feel good about the winters that they just had. Usually the guys are 15-20 overweight and didn’t pick up a ball yet. The guys who had really good winters and want to show off the shape that they’re in and the progress that they’ve made, they show up early. It’s nice to see these guys out here. Every single one of them looks to be in improved condition. Josh certainly can do better this year than he did last year and he knows that. Looks like he went out and had a really strong winter, getting in great shape. The biggest thing is at the end of last year, he didn’t hide from the year that he had. He took accountability for it."

Lackey and Matsuzaka also looked to be in great shape. We should expect SO very much from this 2011 Red Sox team. I hope they give it to us.


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