Tuesday, March 01, 2011

After The Josh Bosh, He's OK

This is from the Boston Globe...

FORT MYERS, Fla. — "Josh Beckett arrived at the clubhouse at 8:10 this morning and said he felt much better in the aftermath of his accidental beaning on Monday. But the Red Sox have prohibited from him working out today as he recovers from a concussion.
Beckett was shagging balls in left field during batting practice when coaching assistant Ino Guerrero tried to direct a ball to the bucket behind second base with a fungo bat. The ball instead struck Beckett above the left ear.
"You go through a bunch of different emotions. First you’re pissed because you don’t know what happened. Then I tried to walk and I got real dizzy. I kind of took a knee," said Beckett, who was led off the field. "You kind of go through everything. I really didn’t even know what happened. I didn’t know if I got hit by a ball from another field or what. I had no idea what happened."
Tests revealed a concussion. Beckett was dizzy, had a headache and had trouble navigating stairs. But he said he slept well and felt much better when he awoke. He still has swelling in the area.
"I feel all right. Feeling better today. I feel like I got hit in the head. I’m getting through some of the headache stuff that I had yesterday, which is probably good," he said."

Josh, you DID get hit in the head but every one of us is happy you're OK. Now win 17 regular season games...for Red Sox Nation and me.


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