Thursday, March 17, 2011

Atlanta 4 Boston 3..Lester Will Be The Opening Day Red Sox Pitcher

It was Jon Lester's first spring start since he was named 2011 Opening Day pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. In his four innings he allowed eight hits and three runs, whiffed four and walked two. Reliever Dennys Reyes gave up the go-ahead run to the Braves in the seventh inning in what proved to be the worst appearance of the year. But it was a proud day for the Red Sox lefty Jon Lester. He's gone through SO much these last few years you can't help but be happy for him. I know I am. Here he is...

“If any of the other four guys were named Opening Day starter it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings. The talent and experience we have in this rotation, flip a coin. Anybody is worthy, and anybody would be ready to take the ball Opening Day. It’s a big honor to be named that.”

What a guy, what a guy! If Buchholz and Lester continue their excellence from 2010, Beckett and Lackey put it all together and Daisuke pitches like he did yesterday, that's the making of a 100 plus win five guy rotation. Now if only the injury bug could stay away. What can I do about that? Hmmm. Nothing, just stand back and let it all be (The Stand/S. King 1978). Just in case I'll say a little prayer before the first pitch of the season.

That's a wrap for today. Simply click on this post's title for an illuminating article about my favorite outfielder (ever), Carl Yastrzemski, from the Boston Globe. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the "blue nowhere" yet again and as always, BE WELL.


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