Monday, March 28, 2011

Baltimore 4 Boston 3...UCONN Women Advance To Elite 8

The Baltimore Orioles, with the help of a three run eighth, defeated the Boston Red Sox by a score of 4-3. I didn't recognize the names of most of the Boston hurlers (with the exception of Jon Lester) so I won't worry about this one but the losses are mounting up in this, the last few days of spring training. Here's Jon's view of the pitching as it is right now...

“The best thing is we all get into a flow. If we can pitch 30 starts apiece and do what we’re supposed to, we’re going to be special. I think we’re all a big believer in that. Curt Schilling was a big believer in that. In ’04, I don’t think any of our starters missed a start that year. That’s pretty special. In ’07, that wasn’t the case, but the guys who filled in accepted their role. If we can keep doing that, we’ll be all right.

I remember the amazing 2004 world championship year and the continuing health of our starters all season long, so you know, he's right. In all, Lester pitched five innings and gave up four earned runs on nine hits. He didn't walk a batter. He's going to be fine this year.

The University of Connecticut women's basketball team advanced to the Elite Eight with a hard fought 68-63 victory over a feisty and tough Georgetown. The game was close the entire way though. The Huskies (35-1) will play Duke (32-3) Tuesday night in an effort to join the men's team in the Final Four. On Jan. 31 at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, Connecticut, UCONN's home, the Huskies routed the Blue Devils, 87-51. But in tournament play, anything can and usually does happen. The women Huskies' coach, Geno Auriemma, has been forced to use just a six man rotation. There IS nobody else. But with Geno at the helm, they can do anything. Their two biggest obstacles if they make it to the final four? Stanford, the only team to defeat them this year and Baylor, a team with a 6 foot 8 inch player who goes by the name of Brittney Griner. If you haven't seen her play this year, well, you will if you watch the Final Four. Boy, is she tall! But first things first...lets get there, UCONN. Tomorrow night. I'll be watching.

That's a wrap for this very early Monday morning, the last one of this month of March. Click on this post's title for more on yesterday's basketball game. After you click, just click one more time on the front page's headline (or anything else you want) and you'll be zapped to the full story. Enjoy! As always, BE WELL.


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