Sunday, March 06, 2011

Baltimore 4 Boston 4...Florida 11 Boston 2

The Boston Red Sox had one tie and one loss yesterday in Florida. In the home game, Florida throttled the life out of the Sox with a resounding 11-2 victory. Daisuke Matsuzaka reverted to his old self by surrendering seven (!!) runs on six hits in the first three innings. Game over. Wakefield followed and gave up a couple more tallies to the Nationals. Game over after three. On the bright side, in the 4-4 tie with the Birdies, Carl Crawford stroked his first two base hits in a Boston uniform and the white hot Jose Iglesias (on Friday and Saturday he played 18 errorless innings at shortstop and was 5 for 7 with three runs scored, a walk and an RBI) and Oscar Tejada, infielders of the future, had three safeties apiece. Carl Crawford also made four great catches, one superlative, in the last three innings. I can't wait to see him play Fenway's left field with the Wall at his back as he peers in towards the plate. How sweet it will be! Here he is on his physical condition...

"Physically, I don’t feel I can get any stronger. It’s just a matter of me working on my baseball skills.”

We can't wait, CC. With you in left, the jet speedy Jacoby Ellsbury in center and a healthy (?) JD Drew in right, we have a great outfield. Good things will follow. I just know it.

That's it for this very rainy Sunday. At least it's warm (50 degrees) for a change. I hope you have a great day and don't forget to click on this post's title for more Boston Red Sox comings and goings. As always, be well. I'll see you here soon.


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