Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lester Wows 'Em In Simulated Game...Lackey Impresses WITHOUT His Cutter...Boston 5 Baltimore 4

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles (it's too early to call them hapless..yet) by a score a 5-4. John Lackey, who is counted on to step it up more than a notch in 2011, threw everything but his cutter, but that's according to his plan. In all, he went four innings and gave up nothing but one hit. HE WAS ON. Here he is...

“I’m happy with fastball location today.The rotation of my four-seam fastball was nice. It was nice and true. I still haven’t started throwing my cutter yet, probably ready to do that next start. It was a good step forward.”

Lackey threw 29 of his 39 pitches for strikes, then went to the bullpen for 16 more pitches. This is important. This 2011 Boston Red Sox team needs a John Lackey who can win 17 games and lose less than eight. John, let it be, make it so. JUST DO IT!

Jon Lester threw a bullpen session during his flu absence. Yesterday, Red Sox manager Tito Francona got a chance to see his pitcher from a better view than the dugout. To put it mildly, he was impressed. He was wowed. Here's Terry...

“He was commanding very well. His touch and feel look so good. That was nice to see.”

Jon will make his next start in four or five days. So the news is good, the weather's fine (not for baseball yet) and I'm happy. I hope you're happy too and as always, BE WELL.


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