Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roy "Doc" Halladay In Mid-Season Form..Philly 4 Boston 1..An Evil Presence

Yesterday down south on that peninsula we call Florida, the Philadelphia Phillies bested the Boston Red Sox by a score of 4-1. The game featured what was supposed to be tremendous pitching match-up between Doc Halladay and Jon Lester. Lester pitched great through the fifth inning but was taken out with one out in the sixth inning of a 1-1 game after giving up three runs. Here's Jon himself on his outing and his opponent's...

“It is fun to watch him (Doc) pitch. It’s always been fun watching him just go through a lineup. He does it every time he goes out there. You would think he runs out of ways to get you out, but he somehow manages to keep doing it and it’s impressive. It makes him one of, if not the, elite guy right now.’’

To me, Halladay is in a league of his own, performing at the highest level even though it's only March 22. That's unbelievable. Jon Lester will be OK. He and the other starters have two spring starts left, time to iron out the kinks still hanging around. It wouldn't hurt when that moment comes along and the team starts finding their bats, either. Those pieces of lumber have been far too quiet. Lester was particularly hard on himself after the game. He said this...

“I didn’t really have command of anything. It wasn’t one way or another. I came out of my delivery a little bit. I wasn’t able to get ahead to go to the breaking ball or go to the offspeed stuff to get them off the fastball. When you’re able to keep in your delivery and throw the ball downhill, that’s when you get the good results.’’

We don't have to worry about Mr. Lester. No sir. No ma'am. He looks so much better than, for instance, Jonathon Papelbon, who struggled horribly again yesterday against minor league opposition. Hey Paps, what happened? You have to get it together. I watched some tidbits of your Tuesday pitching performance and your mechanics need refining in a big way. You can do it. YES. YOU. CAN.

Please click on this post's title for news on last night's Sox game and as always, BE WELL. I'll see you soon if not sooner. Or soonest? Don't ask me. I'm just the guy who cleans up around here. This Peter guy? He's never here. He's not fooling me. I think he thinks I'm going to keep his "LITTLE SECRET." Five different guys come in and write this darn blog. I'm not THAT sure if he's a real person or just a fictional part of this Red Sox blog. I know I shouldn't be typing on this new fangled typing thing but I couldn't resist. Wait! I hear someone's car coming up the driveway. PLEASE don't tell anyone. Gotta run. Gotta get back to work. My first name is Mark. If you never hear from me again, something might be amiss. My life might be in danger from this serial blogger. OK, how do I erase this? Oh My God. Wish me luck. I might need help.


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